Spa Hot Tub Wiring

Spa, hot tub, jacuzzi are all words used for a hot, therapeutic spa-like massage experience in the comfort of your own backyard.

Before you can start relaxing, you will need to have the proper wiring and installation for your hot tub. Spas/hot tubs require a hardwired connection that can not simply be plugged into a standard outlet.

Some hot tub/spa companies may offer installation, however, the technicians typically are not licensed electricians who understand the power usage to other parts of your home. Our experienced, licensed team has the knowledge it takes to ensure the spa wiring is done properly.

Not all homes have the adequate electrical capacity needed to safely power a hot tub/spa. Our knowledgeable team will evaluate your main electrical panel to make sure you have enough power to do so.

What to expect when requesting a quote for hot tub/spa installation:

Our Electricians...

Our electricians will take a look at your electrical panel to make sure they is enough space. Spas require two additional circuit breakers added to the main panel. All outdoor materials used are weather rated.

We Will Need...

We will need to know the distance from the main panel to the desired location of the spa.

Spa Spec Sheet

Have your spa spec sheet handy.

Why Hire A Professional Electrician?

  • Time - Professional electricians save time and money by doing the job quickly and efficiently. We have the specialized tools needed for a job done right.

  • Saftey - Electricians have the knowledge required to properly install electrical systems. All of our installations are according to National Electrical Code and local codes.

  • Guidance - Electricians can help choose the appropriate lighting and other electrical systems that are right for your home.

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