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Elevate your home or office with our lighting installation services!

Are you looking to upgrade or retrofit your existing recessed lighting or add new recessed lighting to your home or business? Lighting is a very important design aspect of your space, bringing out colors and details in a room. LED lighting is a great way to enhance the ambiance of your living or work space both beautifully and efficiently.

We offer all types lighting installation services:

Upgrading your existing lighting to LED is not only aesthetically pleasing but also cost and energy efficient. There are many benefits in upgrading lighting to LED:


LEDs use 30-70% less power, saving money on electrical costs. They emit 20-50% less heat than incandescent bulbs.


Quality LEDs lights are long lasting with a life span 50 times longer than incandescent lights. They require less maintenance compared to other lighting options. Many LEDs will last up to 50,000 hours. If lights are on 12 hours a day, 1 bulb will last about 11 years!


LEDs are environmentally safe and easy to dispose of. Since LEDs consume less power, they help reduce greenhouse emissions and carbon footprint.

Color Variety

LEDs are available in many color options. Lighting can affect mood, so a warm/ natural light color is inviting and relaxing. Cooler light temperature can create a bright area for task oriented areas in homes and businesses.

The right lighting can transform your home or commercial space!
Let us take charge of your electrical needs!

Why Hire A Professional Electrician?

  • Time - Professional electricians save time and money by doing the job quickly and efficiently. We have the specialized tools needed for a job done right.

  • Saftey - Electricians have the knowledge required to properly install electrical systems. All of our installations are according to National Electrical Code and local codes.

  • Guidance - Electricians can help choose the appropriate lighting and other electrical systems that are right for your home.

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