Ceiling Fan Installation

In the past, ceiling fans had a bad reputation for being outdated and unstylish. Nowadays, ceiling fans have made a great comeback with attractive designs and features.

They are a popular choice for homes and commercial businesses to help cut energy and cooling cost. Here some of the benefits in installing a ceiling fan:

  • Energy efficiency- Ceiling fans can help reduce the use of air conditions which use much more electricity. Ceiling fans can help a room feel cooler by a few degrees so the AC thermostat may be turned up.
  • Adding more lighting- Choose a ceiling fan with a light kit to add to the layer of lighting to any room. Ceiling fan lights may be dimmed to create a comforting ambience in a space.
  • Style and beauty- The design styles for ceiling fan are endless. A ceiling fan can help add another element to you home decor. They are available in many finishes to fit your unique style. Ceiling fans can create a strong focal point in a space.

Ceiling fan replacement or new ceiling fan installation may seem like a simple DIY project, however, there are many reasons to hire a professional electrician.


Professional electricians know who to rewire ceiling fans properly. Correct wiring not only makes the fan functional but ensures safety and risk of electrical fire.


Experienced electricians can get the job done quickly and efficiently. We have the right tools required that you may not have.


An electrician can provide guidance in what type of ceiling fan to buy. We install all ceiling fans on appropriate ceiling fan rated junction boxes to support the weight of the ceiling fan.

Whether you need a ceiling fan replaced or a new installation, our skilled electricians can help with proper, safe installation. No matter the ceiling height or fan size, our team is equipped with the tools to do the job done right!


Why Hire A Professional Electrician?

  • Time - Professional electricians save time and money by doing the job quickly and efficiently. We have the specialized tools needed for a job done right.

  • Saftey - Electricians have the knowledge required to properly install electrical systems. All of our installations are according to National Electrical Code and local codes.

  • Guidance - Electricians can help choose the appropriate lighting and other electrical systems that are right for your home.

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